Small steps, baby steps

I am finally starting back on my running journey and it feels like a long time. I’ve been a wannabe Ultra runner for over 4 years now and 2020 was meant to be the year. One thing after another (pandemic … Read More

Week One Day Five

Use these drills to improve your form – great as a warm-up or cool down on a day when you are doing running or cross-training. Drill workout  – follow along with me or if you have a great memory just … Read More

Week One Day Seven

Don’t worry if your weekends are super busy and you need to move your long run to a different day. The key here is to pick ONE DAY per week that you run a little bit further than you do … Read More

Week One Day Six

All you have to do today is REST! Congratulations you’ve almost completed the whole of week 1!

Week One Day Four

Your Tasks for Today: Complete the core workout (do 2-3 sets) Remember to activate your TVA! Choose either the full workout below: OR (if you have a good memory) use the quick version: Post in the FB group when you’re … Read More

Week One Day Three

Yes I do love a good drilling! This week will introduce you to some basic drills. These are designed to break down the various elements of running so you can practice them individually – this will help you to perfect … Read More

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