Ross Edgley – The World’s Fittest Book

Here’s my main takeaways from the Worlds Fittest Book by Ross Edgley. He doesn’t overstate when he claims this is NOT a fitness book and it indeed DOES break the mould of your standard – do this, eat that, follow these rules and you will gain (or lose) X,Y and Z.… Read More

Week 9 Review

Loading… Not ready for a 10k just yet? Why not try th next step? 3-7.5k Tgihs intermediate programme was developed to ease you gently into upping your distance      


Download the C25K Printable (put it on your fridge and never miss a workout!) Couch to 5K Printable

Week One Day Two

This week we will lay some great foundations that will support your running progress for the next 60 days and beyond. This means that we’ll be running slow to gain speed and endurance AND we’ll be building your core foundation … Read More

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