A few good runs

For the first time since January I went out on a run!

Yippee, it's felt like so much more than a few months but in terms of my legs, they feel like they've forgotten EVERYTHING they know about running.

The weekend of 24th May Ben, myself and the kids went back to visit my family in Chesterfield and while the boys were hanging out with their Nana and Grandad Ben and I ran round Linacre. I didn't expect it to be so hard! My legs wouldn't co-operate, my breathing was ok but heart rate rocketed! I just couldn't find my stride and to make matters worse it's not exactly a flat route!

Ended up with a 7km run where I walked for 20-30% of it (mostly uphill) and I even cried at one point!

Thank goodness Ben was there otherwise I would've turned back before hitting 2km! He took on the role I usually have with MY runners - encouraging me, telling me it was alright, being patient with me! At that point I realised I needed to scale back my expectations. I don't think I'll be ready to run the Ben Vorlich Ultra in July as I just didn't start early enough, but on the other hand I needed to rest and recuperate to allow the injuries that plagued me I'm thinking the Ochil NOT BV is the one!

Second run!

Thursday Ben mapped out a 5km for us to try that was flat and nearby. We started off with some drills - so a couple of runs up and down our road, followed by one running while the other squatted and repeating with lunges. Then we did some mobility drills to get our bones oiled up, and joints loose in their sockets!

And off we went!

This was a really pleasant run through the woods, along the river and into Macrosty Park. At this point (half way) my legs were feeling pretty tight, so I had a jogging on the spot/walking/push ups on a tree break while Ben did the full park loop. The best part about this run was the technical terrain dodging tree roots and sodden tree branches on our way back along another part of the river - this was so much fun and reminded me of all the OCRs i've done and the joy I felt running my first ever 10km.

BUT, as soon as we came out of the woods my body just rebelled. My breathing was fine but my chest was tight, and painful on each out breath, once again my heart rate shot up and my legs were tired, achy and so so heavy!

I finished at 6km (this includes the distance covered in the drills) making the total for May 13km.

Lessons learned:

I could take this as bad and berate myself for not getting out there sooner BUT that's just bullsh*t!

The fact is we got out.

We did 2 runs!

And yes it was hard but it WILL get better - I just have to keep it up!


My next step is to properly devise a plan to get ready for Ochil in October - and now I know what my starting point is that should be easier now!

Priorities are to work on my legs - making sure my technique is right so I don't end up injuring myself again.

And to make sure my legs have the stamina to do the work I am asking them to

I will also be adding in some myofascial release work and band work to improve my flexibility, mobility and recovery!